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13 Organization development > Organization development strategy - Pg. 160

160 Part 2 People and organizations Worley (2005: 752) as `A process of radically alter- ing the organization's strategic direction, including fundamental changes in structures, processes and behaviours.' Holistic approaches to improving organizational capability emerging in this period, which were not part of what was conventionally known as OD, included high-performance working, high commit- ment management, high involvement management and performance management. The development of these systems in the 2000s led to a radically changed view of what constituted organization development. The third chapter ­ changing the focus The most significant change in the 2000s was the shift to a strategic perspective. As noted by Cummins and Worley (2005: 12): `Change agents have pro- posed a variety of large-scale or strategic-change models; each of these models recognizes that strategic change involves multiple layers levels of the organ- yet has no identifiable voice.' OD `interventions' still have a role to play in improving performance but as part of an integrated business and HR strategy planned and implemented by HR in con- junction with senior management, with or without outside help. The main change that has taken place in the move from traditional OD to organizational development as practised currently is the focus on improving organizational performance and results through organization-wide initiatives. These do encompass the behaviour of people, especially when this relates to their levels of engagement (the degree to which people are committed to their work and the organ- ization and motivated to achieve high levels of performance). But they are also concerned with the organizational processes that affect behaviour and engagement, namely, strategic HRM, work system design, smart working, high-performance working, organization design and job design.