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25 Leadership and management development > Case studies - Pg. 313

Chapter 25 Leadership and Management Development 313 case studIes Cargill Cargill is an international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and services. Those in Cargill's different talent pools, such as the `Next Generation Leaders' and `Emerging Leaders' undertake both formal and informal development. In Cargill's high-performance Leadership Academy, entrants learn about the fundamentals of leader- ship and management in the company and work through a number of accelerated leadership modules, gaining the knowledge to enable them to lead Cargill businesses. All of these courses are interspersed with more challenging projects and work assignments. Cargill corporate leaders also take part in the Leadership Academy, where they learn transformational leadership skills and the essentials of coaching and mentoring in formal programmes and informal learning activities, all of which form an important part of their leadership development. Diageo At Diageo, the international beverages company, a series of development strategies, particularly for leadership, have been based on Diageo's five values, which were created as the common heartbeat of all the component businesses. The values ­ `Be the best', `Passionate about consumers', `Proud of what we do', `Freedom to succeed' and `Valuing each other' ­ have become central to Diageo's success, alongside a comprehensive performance management framework. Conversations about performance are now on a `partnership' basis, where managers, with their employees, are expected to discuss the latter's aspirations and how their growth needs can be satisfied by the business. The company's first leadership development programme, 1998's `Building Diageo talent', was designed to help link strategy and organizational performance with individual performance. This had many components, including coaching and benchmarking for leadership development for 4,000 managers. Over the past six years the company's leadership training has evolved to focus more on building `a core Diageo mindset'. The senior team has prioritized developing a `total talent strategy' and HR processes have been thoroughly embedded in management thinking worldwide. HML As described by Spackman (2010), at HML (a financial services company) the leadership development programme for middle and senior managers consisted of the following elements: 1 Individual 360-degree feedback. 2 Orientation event ­ introduction and contracting. 3 Action learning sets (sets of six people, three sets in one programme group). 4 Four modules: profit, client, effectiveness, engagement. 5 Big event ­ transformational residential learning. 6 Self-directed modules. 7 Individual 360-degree feedback ­ benchmark scores. 8 Accreditation and celebration event.