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35 Employee communications > Introduction - Pg. 425

425 35 employee communications K e y co n c e P t s a n d t e r m s Employee communication Speak-up programme Consultation Team briefing L e a r n I n g o u tcom e s On completing this chapter you should be able to define these key concepts. You should also know about: The importance of employee communications What should be communicated The approach to communication Communication methods Employee communication strategy introduction Employee communication processes and systems pro- vide for `two-way communication'. In one direction they enable managements to inform employees on matters that will interest them. In the other, they provide for upward communication by giving employees a voice, as described in Chapter 34. Communications should be distinguished from consultation. As the ACAS (2005) guide states, communication is concerned with the exchange of information and ideas within an organization, while consultation goes beyond this and involves managers actively seeking and then taking account of the views of employees before making a decision. the importance of employee communications Good communications are important for three reasons: