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55 Managing conflict > Resolving conflict between team members - Pg. 595

Chapter 55 Managing Conflict 595 more anxious to seek acceptable compromises than to achieve sound solutions. encourage people to explore alternative solutions; get people to develop their own implementation plans but provide advice and help if asked. Counselling Personal counselling is an approach that does not address the conflict itself but focuses on how the two people are reacting. It gives people a chance to release pent-up tensions and may encourage them to think about new ways of resolving the conflict. But it does not address the essential nature of the conflict, which is the relationship between two people. That is why constructive confrontation offers the best hope of a long-term solution. Constructive confrontation Constructive confrontation is a method of bringing the individuals in conflict together with a third party whose function is to help build an exploratory and cooperative climate. Constructive confrontation aims to get the parties involved to understand and explore To conclude, conflict, as has been said, is in itself not to be deplored: it is an inevitable concomitant of progress and change. What is regrettable is the failure to use conflict constructively. Effective problem solving and constructive confrontation both resolve conflicts and open up channels of discussion and cooperative action. Many years ago, one of the pioneering and most influential writers on management, Follett (1924), wrote something on managing conflict that is as valid today as it was then. She said that differences can be made to contribute to the common cause if they are resolved by integration rather than domination or compromise. resolving conflict between