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56 Political skills > Introduction - Pg. 597

597 56 Political skills K e y co n c e P t s a n d t e r m s Dominant coalition Politics Networking L e a r n I n g o u tcom e s On completing this chapter you should be able to define these key concepts. You should also know about: Typical political approaches Using political means to get things done Political sensitivity Dangers of politics Dealing with organizational politics introduction To be politic, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, you can be sagacious, prudent, judi- cious, expedient, scheming or crafty. So political behaviour in an organization could be desirable or undesirable. Organizations consist of individuals who, while they are ostensibly there to achieve a common purpose, will, at the same time, be driven by their own needs to achieve their own goals. Effective management is the process of harmonizing individual endeavour and ambition to the common good. Some individuals will genuinely believe that using political means to achieve their aims will benefit the organization as well as themselves. Others will rationalize this belief. Yet others will unashamedly pursue their own ends. They may use all their powers of persuasion to legitimize these ends to their col- leagues, but self-interest remains the primary drive. These are the corporate politicians the Oxford English Dictionary describes as `shrewd schemers, crafty