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67 Total rewards > Purpose of the toolkit - Pg. 693

693 67 total rewards Purpose of the toolkit Total rewards is an approach to reward management that emphasizes the need to consider all aspects of the work experience of value to employees, not just a few such as pay and employee benefits. It aims to blend the financial and non-financial elements of reward into a cohesive whole. The purpose of the toolkit is to describe how the abstract but compelling concept of total reward can be put into effect. This is not easy. It is not just a matter of introducing a recognition scheme in addition to conventional contingent pay systems. And it means going beyond simply tacking on to existing pay and employee benefit practices a number of established HR policies and processes ­ learning and develop- ment, job design, employee wellbeing and the like. What it should involve ­ and what this toolkit describes ­ is ensuring that a cohesive approach is made to integrating the various approaches that are available to increase engagement. introducing total rewards The steps required to introduce total rewards are described below and set out in Figure 67.1.