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Chapter 13: Flexible working > The role of HR and L&D - Pg. 205

Flexible working 205 Flexible weekly hours ­ providing for longer weekly hours to be worked at certain peak periods during the year. Flexible daily and weekly hours ­ varying daily or weekly hours or a combination of both to match the input of hours to achieve the required output. Such working times, unlike daily or weekly arrangements, may fluctuate between a minimum and a maximum. Compressed working weeks in which employees work fewer than the five standard days. Annual hours ­ scheduling employee hours on the basis of the number of hours to be worked, with provisions for the increase or reduction of hours in any given period, according to the demand for goods or services. Overtime and shift arrangements A flexibility plan can contain proposals to reduce overtime costs by the use of flexible hours, new shift arrangements (eg twilight shifts), time off in lieu and overtime limitation agreements. The reduction of overtime is often catered for in formal deals which include a quid pro quo in the form of in-