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01 A bid to succeed > Developing skills in bid writing - Pg. 6

6 Bids, Tenders and Proposals among evaluators that the bids most likely to win are those that make their case straightforwardly, concisely and vividly. Once in a while an evaluator will be fortunate enough to come across one that is really outstanding: it may have an imaginative and compelling structure; its content may project a sense of value in a way unmatched by any other bid; it may have examples that bring the text to life; it may communicate an intense commitment to the challenges of the assignment; its use of graphics may be unusually creative; it may have a hands-on feel and a clear sense of having done the job before. All these qualities give the bid a directness and personality that heighten its competitive impact. Keep calm and in control If they were willing to admit it, there are many contractors who greet the arrival of an invitation to tender not with eagerness but with feelings close to panic. This reaction is understandable when you are faced with a complex and stressful intellectual challenge and an unforgiving deadline, particularly if you have relatively little experience of bid writing. But don't let fear last for more than about five minutes: you need to get down to work! The best antidote is to know that you have to hand a structured procedure that will