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09 Managing the bid > Checking bid quality - Pg. 89

Managing the Bid 89 Checking bid quality There are clear advantages to be gained from treating the quality manage- ment of the bid as a continuous procedure built into its development from the start. It is important to check the bid thoroughly for the accuracy of its response to the client's priorities and for its completeness and quality of presentation ­ and to do this systematically throughout the process of writing the bid, not just at a concluding review stage. Your chances of success may well depend on getting small details right. The production timetable may allocate time at the end of the process for the text and graphics to be reviewed before the definitive version is printed out, but experience shows that if this is left until late the time available can easily be consumed by other pressures: in the worst cases, bids can leave the office unchecked, so that the first person to spot an obvious error is the client. Quality management has three aspects. The first is strategic ­ ensuring that: whatever requirements the client has expressed about the content, structure and submission of the bid are recognized and observed; the client's view of the contract has been properly understood and