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Recognize and manage risk > Recognize and manage risk - Pg. 112

112 Bids, Tenders and Proposals Include the CVs of the key subcontracted staff who would be involved in the work; and describe the quality management procedures you will apply in monitoring their performance. It can also be useful to make the point that you will ensure they receive adequate guidance on the client's expectations about performance and delivery. Before you define an arrangement with subcontractors, check who their existing clients are. Conflicts of interest might prejudice your bid. Ineffective working relationships When clients believe that contractors have not delivered the results they had hoped for, there often turn out to have been failures in communication on both sides, and a lack of mutual understanding at key stages in the planning and performance of the contract. People may be slow to recognize a problem and reluctant to acknowledge their part in its creation. Responsibilities that are left ill defined or that overlap or fall into gaps between the role of the client and the role of the contractor are a particular source of conflict. The contractors may seem to be learning their job at the client's expense or expecting the client to do the thinking for them. When the job is completed, the results may not appear relevant or practical.