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18 Presenting CVs > Résumés - Pg. 174

174 Bids, Tenders and Proposals resources, in a separate section or in an appendix. The number of CVs that need to be included should be one of the factors governing this decision: if there are a large number, it is best to place them where they will not disrupt the flow of the text. It is helpful also to give each one a serial number and to include an index at the start of the CVs. The order in which they appear may reflect the team structure, the array of disciplines required for the contract or considerations of professional seniority. The important point is to reinforce an image of the bid as an integrated effort. A CV will have a stronger impact and its content will be more readily absorbed if it is laid out as a two (or two-by-two) page spread, starting on a left-hand not a right-hand page. Each page should be numbered and carry the name of the individual in either a header or a footer. Résumés Instead of requiring a full CV for each person named in the bid, clients may ask just for résumés summarizing the person's professional experience and career achievements. A résumé should normally be no longer than about 150 words. It can be prepared from the material used to develop the full CV: