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19 Describing professional experience > Client references - Pg. 175

175 Describing professional experience Client references 19 Pre-qualification forms and instructions to tenderers generally require contact information about existing and previous clients who have engaged you on comparable work and who can be approached to vouch for the quality and efficiency of your services. This is a sensible requirement, since it allows prospective new clients to discover what you are like to work with and how competently you have gone about similar assignments. You may be asked also to supply site addresses where the client can view your work or see evidence of its implementation. It is essential to respond accurately and conscientiously to this require- ment: after all, if you don't have the experience or the confidence to name other clients who can provide references, what are you doing bidding for this contract? A key item of information is the identity and address of the client manager or unit responsible for employing your services. Do not make the mistake of phrasing the response in terms that are incomplete or vague, as if to impede the possibility of one client talking to another. Always assume that references will be checked and followed up. Project summaries `Project summaries', `case studies' or `contract histories' are a means of validating the claims made by bidders about the experience they can bring to an assignment. This information may be the subject of a separate section of the bid; clients may require it to be set out on a standard form or template, as shown in Figure 19.1. As noted in Chapters 13 and 14, clients often ask that method statements should include material providing evidence of the contractor's ability and experience, through examples of contracts in which they have applied the same or similar methods, and indicating the results that were achieved.