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20 Making good use of graphics > Design software - Pg. 184

184 Bids, Tenders and Proposals Using photos Photos have their place in a bid if they are technically relevant and of high standard in terms of composition, print quality and visual interest. Don't forget that photos can be cropped or enlarged: part of a dull picture can be turned into an interesting illustration if carefully selected, while image editing software will enable you to correct faults in photos, apply special effects and transform virtually every characteristic of an image. If you are choosing illustrations on the basis of digital images, examine them under at least five times magnification to verify their suitability for enlargement. Are they fuzzy at that degree of magnification? If so they will not be amenable to much enlargement. Applying colour Setting information off in a separate box or panel, perhaps in a second colour and with a light shading, can be an effective means of signposting material that illustrates or comments on points being made in the bid text. The degree of shading needs to be calculated finely ­ not so light as to vanish in photocopying, yet not dark enough to make the text hard to read. Make sure the material in