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The submission process > The submission process - Pg. 202

202 Bids, Tenders and Proposals In almost all instances, the instructions to tenderers will include either an on-screen section to guide tenderers through the process or a separate document setting out instructions and offering guidance. You will be required to register with the portal, which will involve choos- ing or being assigned an ID (usually your e-mail address), username and password. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the way your client chooses to use e-tendering and follow precisely the specific on-screen instructions set by the client. In particular, observe any file naming strategy that the client may have defined, and check whether the submission of files in PDF format is either required or permitted. Conventionally, tenderers have chosen to use PDF files because they offer both full control of formatting and security against their content being altered. Some e-tendering systems, though, have in-built mechanisms that prevent files being amended after a response is submitted ­ where this is the case, clients may require that files are submitted as Word or Excel documents. They may also allow files to be compressed into a .zip file if that is more convenient for submission. Make sure all attachments are clearly identified. When documents are not embedded in a response it may be useful to include an index file indicating the content of attachments. Clients may set a limit on the total size of attachments, and may require