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Postscript: Tough talk from clients > Postscript: Tough talk from clients - Pg. 235

Postscript: Tough Talk from Clients 235 you and insights you've gained through your own research. Never simply repeat what we have told you. The information in the ITT is the minimum you're expected to know. Equally, the services and deliverables itemized in the ITT are the minimum you're expected to provide.' Responding fully and precisely `Instructions to tenderers mean just that. If we ask for a piece of information or a copy of a document, we are instructing you to supply it. Omitting it will cost you marks.' `We are looking for responses that are tailored precisely to our situation and our specific requirements. Generalized tenders are a waste of time. If the client is, say, Middletown City Council, we will expect to see the word "Middletown" on every page of your response. By all means use examples of what you have done for other clients ­ for instance, through case studies ­ but show exactly how your methods will work in our context.' `Read each question carefully and focus your answers on what the question asks. Each question is worded deliberately to give us the information we want. You will be scored down if you write an answer that relates only vaguely to the question.' Evidence `Evidence is the key factor. We need to be convinced that you really understand our requirements, and that your proposed work methods and capabilities are supported by evidence of success. If the evidence isn't there in the bid, you will be marked down.' Price `We need to know how your price was arrived at, and how it relates to the cost of the inputs and services you intend to provide. Global figures on their own are useless, even for fixed-price contracts. If public money is at stake, we have to be convinced we are getting good value for money.' `Don't qualify your price. We do not want to see conditions in a bid. Once a fixed-price bid is submitted there is no opportunity for negotiations on price, so you must work out the sum confidently and then stick to it.' `If you put in tables of costs, make sure they are consistent with each other and free from arithmetical errors. An inability to calculate accurately is not a good credential for a consultant.'