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Chapter 28. Optical Measurements > References - Pg. 519

chAPter | 28 Optical Measurements 519 Table 28.3 Solar and black-body radiation at various wavelengths (after Lawson, 1979) Wavelength band (nm) 0.4­0.8 3­5 8­13 Typical value of solar radiation (Wm ­2 ) 750 24 1.5 Emission from black body at 300 K (Wm ­2 ) 0 6 140 Note: Complete tables of data relating to the spectral power distribution of blackbody radiators are given by M. Pivovonsky and M. Nagel. are based on this work. Although the spectrum of a body around 300 K has its peak at 10 nm, the spectrum is quite broad. However, the atmosphere is effectively opaque from about 5­8 nm and above 13 nm, which means that in prac- tice the usable bands are 3­5 nm and 8­13 nm. Although there is much more energy available in the 8­13 nm band (see Table 28.3) and if used outdoors there is much less solar radiation, the sensitivity of available detectors is much better in the 3­5 nm band, and both are used in practice. Nicholas (1968) has developed a triple waveband system BS 4803, Guide on Protection of Personnel against Hazards from Laser Radiation (1983). Brown, S. and Tarrant, A. W. S., A Sensitive Spectroradiometer using a Boxcar Detector, Association international de la Couleur (1981). Chamberlin, G. J. and Chamberlin, d. G., Color: its Measurement, Compu- tation and Application, Heyden, London (1979). Commission internationale de i'Eclairage, The Spectroradiometric Measurement of Light Sources, CiE Pub. No. 63 (1984). dudley, W. W., Carbon Dioxide Lasers, Effects and Applications, Academic Press, London (1976). dresler, A. and Frühling, H. S., "Uber ein Photoelektrische dreifarben Messgerät," Das Licht, 11, 238 (1938). Forsythe, W. E., The Measurement of Radiant Energy, McGraw-Hill, New York (1941). Fry, P. W., "Silicon photodiode arrays," J. Sci. Inst., 8, 337 (1975). Geutler, G., Die Farbe, 23, 191 (1974). Heavens, o. S., Lasers, duckworth, London (1971). Henderson, S. T., J. Phys. D., 3, 255 (1970). Henderson, S. T. and Marsden, A. M., Lamps and Lighting, Edward Arnold, London (1972). iEC-CiE, International Lighting Vocabulary. Judd, d. B. and Wysecki, G., Color in Business, Science and Industry, Wiley, New York (1975). Koechner, W., Solid State Laser Engineering, Springer, New York (1976). Lawson, W. d., "Thermal imaging," in Electronic Imaging (eds., T. P. McLean and P. Schagen), Academic Press, London (1979).