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5. Software Verification and Validation ... > 5.2. Software System Testing - Pg. 228

228 Chapter 4 changed, rather than repeating every test for the project. This is also a function of the nature of the change and the criticality of the software. 5.1.7. Auditable Build By definition, the DMR is supposed to provide the information to trace everything that went into the manufacture of a device to its point of origin. This extends to source code. In the event of a customer complaint or recall of your device, you may be required to re-create from source the software that went into the device. Being able to do so might save you from rewriting the whole thing from scratch if there is a minor error to fix. To support this, one consideration to have in mind when releasing software is to audit the build so that you can be sure you have all the elements needed to re-create all executables and other deliverables from their sources (usually in the VCS). You want to be able to produce the records of any released configuration item [25]. The ultimate method would be to install everything--operating system, code generation tools, VCS, and source code--on a new or clean computer. As a rule, it is probably sufficient to build in a clean directory. This assumes that you were careful about