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Chapter 2. The Structure of Signals - Pg. 37

CHAPTER 2 The Structure of Signals 2.1 Time Has Little To Do with Infinity and Jelly Doughnuts It is a striking fact that in the history and development of EMC/EMI, it has been a constant movement downward--from large-scale system design and mitigation to cables, to PCB, to the packages, and now to the silicon itself. Ultimately, this is where mitigation of interference should begin, at the silicon. It is in the silicon that the majority of signal creation occurs. We need to be concerned with the system signals--the movement and organization of electrical charge. That is the purpose of this book. We will explore package and silicon electromagnetics through direct measurement, analytical development, and theoretical considerations. We will attempt to show that a great deal of RF interference can be stopped entirely or lessened considerably right at the start in the silicon. Two key measurement techniques that we will describe in detail are narrowband near-field