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Performance Management Methods > Graphic Rating Scale - Pg. 134

134 F UNDAMENTALS OF H UMAN R ESOURCES M ANAGEMENT E xhibit 6­1 Performance Management Methods Method Essay Evaluation Graphic Rating Scale Weighted Checklist Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) Forced Choice Characteristics Paragraph format Lists a series of questions about the employee's behavior and perfor- mance, projected training needs, and potential for advancement Lists various work factors along with a series of boxes, each with a descriptive word May have point values Overall summary rating List of descriptive statements defining effective and ineffective behav- ior, rated from poor to outstanding Number values are assigned to each item Total evaluation is the sum of the scores Based on the characteristics of a specific job Primary duties and responsibilities are identified, as well as the most and least effective ways for accomplishing these functions Employee's behavior is matched with the most accurate descriptions Evaluators identify which of four statements are most and least relevant Number of statements in each category are added up to develop an