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9 Ensuring Your Success > Ongoing Professional Development - Pg. 184

184 F IRST -L INE S UPERVISION solid goals for your first ninety days you are probably not being realistic and are setting yourself up for failure. You now have an Action Plan for your first ninety days in position. Take the initiative to schedule a meeting with your immediate supervisor to discuss your plan at the outset. Ask for additional recommendations, guidance, and support in making your plan realistic and meaningful. Then, keep your Action Plan where you can easily access it during your first ninety days in position. Review it weekly to be sure you are making the necessary progress in achieving your goals. If you get off track, make appropriate adjustments and review the plan again with your immediate supervisor. O NGOING P ROFESSIONAL D EVELOPMENT The frequency with which you pursue formal ongoing professional develop- ment will vary. It is recommended that you begin by completing a review after your first ninety days on the job. The timing of your next review depends on how you and your immediate supervisor feel about your devel- opment at that point. You may want your next follow-up plan to be for three months, six months, or a year. The timing may also depend on any organiza- tional requirements for performance review and action plan development.