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Index > H - Pg. 277

I ndex union organizing evaluation for, 166­167 union organizing information for, 55 employee opinion surveys evaluation of, 159­160 gathering information on, 49 employee record security evaluation of, 179­180 gathering information on, 66­67 employee relations evaluation of, 157­159 gathering information on, 47­49 see also Employee and Labor Relations equal employment opportunity (EEO) evaluation of, 189­193 gathering information on, 76­79 see also Diversity and Equal Employ- ment Opportunity equipment, HR evaluation of, 196­198 gathering information on, 82­83 see also Human Resources Facilities and Equipment; processes, facilities, and equipment (Safety and Security) evacuation procedures evaluation of, 181­183 gathering information on, 68­70 evaluation of Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity, 189­193 of Employee and Labor Relations, 157­170 of Human Resources Facilities and Equipment, 195­198 of Human Resources Information Sys- tems and Metrics, 185­188 of Human Resources Organization, 199­204 of Human Resources Staff, 205­207 of Human Resources Strategic Manage- ment, 101­113 instructions for, 99­100 of Safety and Security, 171­183 of Total Rewards, 145­155 of Training and Organizational Develop- ment, 131­143 277 of Workforce Planning and Selection, 115­129 see also training evaluation executive, senior, xxii exit interviews evaluation of, 160­161 gathering information on, 50 external recruiting evaluation of, 121 gathering information on, 16­18 facilities, HR evaluation of, 195­196 gathering information on, 81­82 see also Human Resources Facilities and Equipment; processes, facilities, and equipment (Safety and Security) facility security evaluation of, 180­181 gathering information on, 67­68 Federal Employees' Communication Act of 1908, xvii federal labor legislation, xvii­xviii feedback, 273 financial activities evaluation of, 109­110 gathering information on, 8­9 functions categories of, xxi subcategories of, xxi­xxii grievances evaluation of, 164­165 gathering information on, 52­54 Hayes, James, on areas for improvement, 249 hiring evaluation of, 127­128 gathering information on, 22­23 HR, see human resources HR department, see human resources department HRIS, see human resources information system American Management Association