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Step One--Information Gathering > Human Resources Organization - Pg. 85

H uman s ample R esouRces o Rganization --i nfoRmation g atHeRing The human resources department's structure; internal relationships; relation- ships with other functions, departments, and employees of the organization; and the arranging of resources within the department. If this category is not one for which your human resources department is ac- countable, go directly to the next category (p. 91). DEPARTMENT ORGANIZATION 1. Is one position in the human resources department accountable for the management of the entire human resources function? Yes No 2. On what organizational level is the senior management position of the human resources department? (Check just one.) Same as senior management positions in other depart- ments Lower than senior management positions in other de- partments Higher than senior management positions in other de- partments No management levels in our Organization 3. To what position does the senior human resources management position report? 85 American Management Association