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118 BRAND REAL have been in this awkward position, where they must decide whether or not to invest in the only sustainable sources of revenue (display advertising in Yahoo!'s case) even though those sources of revenue continue to cement the brand's declining dowager status. You're just as likely to lose sleep moving your brand from a challenger position to an advocate position because you're certain to sacrifice some customers, and that nearly always launches an end- less process of second-guessing your decision. Positioning is also a challenge when you can think of your market in multiple contexts. The Microsoft master brand could be considered a dowa- ger, but its Xbox subbrand has been a strong challenger that shook up Sony PlayStation. Situations like these warrant a holistic approach whereby brands need to be considered in relation to the total brand architecture rather than as isolated occurrences. Finally, remember that the goal of positioning is to determine your fu- ture stance. It's a two-pronged strategic exercise. First, you assess your cur-