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BRAND INSIDE 239 have borrowed from computer programming is agile development. In an agile approach to software design, you create an inventory of changes and developments that you want to make in the next software release. Then you set the team to work on implementing every item on the inventory. As team members progress, they come across other features or changes they want to make. The agile manager adds those feature suggestions and changes to a backlog that will be addressed when the inventory is completed. I encourage my clients to do the same to encourage ongoing brand development. Create a backlog as you go. Make it the point of conversation with brand leaders. Then focus on the next inventory that must be accomplished. The more you do this, the more the brand becomes relevant to people who don't spend their day thinking about brand equity for a living. It becomes a conversation about what you do, why it matters, and why anyone should care. Real brands make people better because of what they stand for. Great brands get better because people stand up for them every day. Make brand- ing a meaningful and continuous cause, and your brand will enjoy a long and productive life. American Management Association ·