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THE RIGHT WAY TO PLAN BRAND EXPERIENCE > Avoiding Interruptions - Pg. 202

202 BRAND REAL attention on the parts of the experience that need the most improvement as well as the parts of the experience that must be preserved or enhanced. Strategically, you can decide which parts of the experience are most closely related to your brand promise. And you can focus your investment on brand- ing those aspects so that they become more memorable and proprietary. In essence, you can decide which photographs you want consumers to paste into their mental albums. Avoiding Interruptions What impedes a brand's ability to deliver a great experience? Let's return to the two mental models I just gave you. Imagine a brand experience as an EKG line that spikes when something catches our attention, good or bad. Every time there's a significant peak, our brain captures a snapshot that allows us to picture and remember the essence of the moment. If we