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Chapter 6: Private Placements > Preparing the Private Placement Memorandum - Pg. 120

120 Raising Capital the securities laws of that state and be aware of their specific requirements. Al- though a comprehensive discussion of state securities laws is beyond the scope of this book, you should review these laws to determine: · Whether the particular limited offering exemption under federal law that you've selected also applies in that state · Whether presale or postsale registration or notices are required · Whether special legends or disclosures must be made in the offering documents · What remedies are available to an investor who has purchased securi- ties from a company that has failed to comply with applicable state laws · Who may offer securities for sale on behalf of the company SCOR Offerings. Most states have adopted the Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR), which may make the use of Regulation A or Rule 504 of Regulation D a more viable source of growth capital for entrepreneurs and smaller companies. It does this by using Form U-7, a disclosure document in question-and-answer format, which you complete with assistance from your