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Subscription Materials > Subscription Agreement - Pg. 124

124 Raising Capital Exhibits. Such things as the articles of incorporation and bylaws, key contracts or leases, brochures, news articles, marketing reports, and the résumés of the principals may be appended to the PPM. Subscription Materials Once the prospective investors and their advisors decide to provide capital to your growing company in accordance with the terms of the PPM, there is a series of documents that must be signed to evidence the investors' desire to "subscribe" to purchase the securities offered by the PPM. The various sub- scription materials accompanying the PPM serve several purposes. There are two key documents. Subscription Agreement This is the contract between the purchaser (investor) and the issuer (you) for the purchase of the securities. (A sample is given in the appendix.) The sub- scription agreement should contain acknowledgments of: · The receipt and review by the purchaser of the information given about