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The Registration Statement > Key Elements of the Registration Statement - Pg. 250

250 Raising Capital Key Elements of the Registration Statement Regardless of which form you ultimately use, there is a series of core procedural rules and disclosure items that must be addressed and prepared in "plain Eng- lish," including but not limited to: Cover page and forepart. The SEC has very specific requirements con- cerning the information that must be stated on the cover page and in the forepart of the prospectus. This includes summary information pertaining to the nature of your company's business, the terms of the offering, the determination of the offering price, dilution, the plan of distribution, risk factors, and selected financial information. Introduction to the company. An overview of your company--its busi- ness, employees, financial performance, and principal offices. Risk factors. A description of the operating and financial risk factors affecting your company's business, with particular regard to the offering of the securities (such as whether your business depends on a single custom- er or supplier, or on key personnel; the absence of an operating history in the new areas of business that the company wants to pursue; an unproven