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Managing Buyer Resistance > Managing Buyer Resistance - Pg. 87

THE ULTIMATE OBJECTION-HANDLING TOOL / 87 point of this story isn't that good practical jokes anticipate the other per- son's reaction. There's a lesson here for sale reps: Great sales professionals can predict the future. This is totally true. Great sales pros know exactly what can happen and so they know what will happen. This aptitude is never more evident than it is in handling objections. If you know every form of resistance you can encounter, and you have prepared a response for each, you will more readily and more professionally handle anything a buyer throws at you. To accelerate these abilities as a sales professional, I've developed the Ultimate Objection-Handling Tool. It works to manage buyer resistance in three ways: 1. 2. You will identify your top six objections. You will develop potent responses to each of these six objections through three different techniques. You will choose and use those responses that best fit your own per- sonality and communication skills. I strongly encourage all reps to "find their voice" as they increase their ability to persuade buyers. This tool, in fact, will help you to discover what works for you so that you can customize your presentation accordingly. 3. This chapter then wraps up with seven basic rules you should be willing to adopt whenever you encounter an objection. Sales managers, executives, and entrepreneurs should look at this chap- ter as one of the most important briefings they will ever get on the topic of selling. You are going to learn how to build a playbook of responses to your top objections; then, armed with this script, you can significantly shorten the learning curve to master the challenge of handling objections. This method works for both experienced and rookie reps. Managing Buyer Resistance This is the part of sales training design where I always have the most fun. It has both short-term and long-term impact for the organization. American Management Association /