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Responding-After-Listening Skills > Responding-After-Listening Skills - Pg. 105

STRATEGIC LISTENING / 105 What is the speaker's pace? Pay attention to the pace (speed) of speech, the energy in the voice, the volume, or any other specific manner that reveals the way people discuss the topic in front of them. Your job now, as you respond, is to match the speaker's emotion, rep system, and other manner of speech. You should also use "You" language before "I" language. This enhances rapport and keeps you totally focused on being other-centered. So, as an example, consider this response: "Wow, it'll be a huge relief to solve this concern. You've been looking for a way to solve this problem for a while, and my job is to show you how it can happen." This answer respects emotion (frustration), rep system (visual), pace or energy (or speed at which the person communicates), and the "You" focus. To enhance your skill in hearing the person as clearly as possible, I rec- ommend you practice in your personal and professional life. Ask friends or family members to speak about something they are passionate about--a hobby, a news item, a recent experience. You can then practice a response