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4 Buyers Who Like Proof vs. Buyers Who D... > Selling the External Buyer - Pg. 26

26 / THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF INFLUENCE Identifying the External Buyer External buyers need outside feedback; testimonials are powerful ways to influence them. Information from other sources is necessary to help them make decisions. Evidence is a potent, persuasive tool in motivating the external buyer. Selling the Internal Buyer Because most of us have been taught how critical it is to dump evidence in front of prospects in order to persuade them, we tend to assume that all prospects are external buyers. After all, the marketing department has developed some spectacular literature and dynamic websites just to influ- ence prospects to contact you. "We're the biggest." "Surveys say we're the best." "We've been around the longest." "Here are pictures of our plants in China, Brazil, and Antarctica. . . ." You get the idea. You want to keep from bludgeoning internal buyers with your materials. Instead, use language that this prospect will connect with: "You know what's best here. . . ." "I need your opinion. . . ." "Only you can decide what