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Appendix A: Helicopter Parenting Is a Go... > Higher Education as a Vocational Ste... - Pg. 182

182 APPENDIX A and never finish. That conclusion seems too radical. Most parents will not abandon their commitment to a college education for their children. The types of jobs remaining in the United States require a higher level of education. Certainly, college administrators agree with parents and encourage them to stay the course. They are not, though, disinterested parties in the debate. Higher Education as a Vocational Stepping-Stone For the past several decades the message from college and university administrators has been that education pays. The higher the degree, the better. As evidence, they point out that lifetime earnings for those with bachelor's degrees are nearly twice the earnings of those with high school diplomas. Furthermore, people with mas- ter's, doctorates, and professional degrees show a steady progression upward of life- time earnings. These studies are not just endorsed by colleges and universities; they serve as a first line of defense against complaints that higher education costs are too high and have risen too quickly--faster than either the cost of living or earnings of