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224 Four Critical Project Management Skills for Functional Managers Things are starting to click on your risk management processes. You have identified and quantified risks and developed response plans for them. The stakeholders see a structure and healthy dia- logue around project risk instead of viewing it as a knock on their own competence for having initiated a project fraught with risks. On important initiatives, I recommend building in a short update session on risk management during a formal status update meeting with advisory and customer teams. This helps you keep abreast of changes in the business that can impact the project objectives that you might otherwise miss because they may be outside your area of expertise. Simply review the risk statements, provide a status if you see the risks emerging, and describe your plan to deal with them. Stakeholders want a commonsense method for handling uncertainty. Your role is to embed healthy discussion about risk into your project organization so it can be dealt with prudently. Ignoring risk and sweeping it under the carpet will come back to haunt you and your stakeholders.