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1. Introduction to Enterprise Project Governance - Pg. 1

chapter 1 Introduction to Enterprise Project Governance Evolution affects everything--including projects and how projects are man- aged. Projects have existed since the beginning of humankind. Egypt's Cheops, Leonardo da Vinci, and John F. Kennedy are some of the icons that have initiat- ed or influenced the evolution of projects and their management. From its sim- plest form of running a single project, such as building a shelter from storms, to dealing with multiple and complex initiatives in ever-changing environments, such as high-tech space exploration, project management has broadened to a state of organizational entanglement that requires a rock-solid set of policies, structure, guidelines, and procedures. And the complexity is necessary if proj- ect managers are going to wrangle the plethora of projects that often butt heads at a stampede pace to achieve their desired goals. Project management began from the intuitive logic of ancient architects and grew through successive stages of development that include these factors: Single projects 1 American Management Association