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Challenges and Roadblocks in Implementin... > Program Management - Pg. 227

Challenges and Roadblocks 227 of prioritization, which is perhaps the most common of all portfolio challenges. 3. Projects with Insuffi cient Value to the Organization. This portfolio defect stems from poor prioritization of the strategic projects, when undue emphasis is given to less strategic projects for internal political reasons. 4. The Lack of Structure and Focus on Portfolio Issues. When structure and organization are lacking in project portfolios, dealing with issues, such as accelerating or aborting, becomes a challenge. The lack of struc- tured support for project implementation is also a potential hazard. 5. Unbalanced Portfolio. Lopsided portfolios with too much weight on, say, production as opposed to sales or on short term versus long term may prove disastrous. Portfolios require equilibrium. Effective portfolio management depends on an organization's ability to deal with these five hurdles, all of which stem from lack of definition by up-