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Information Technology > Water Corporation - Pg. 189

EPG for Different Types of Projects 189 area was also beefed up, and an IT risk governance area was established. A control dashboard was put into place based on COBIT's main metrics. The implementation of COBIT's framework strengthened the bank's overall IT governance policies and upgraded processes related to the management of its projects. 5 Water Corporation Western Australia's Water Corporation, as explained in Chapter 10, is the main supplier of water, wastewater, and drainage services for homes, businesses, and farms. Its Information Services Branch manages over a hundred outsourced IT service contracts. In 2004, a specific governance project was chartered to de- velop the best service delivery model and sourcing strategy for future informa- tion support services. The scope included infrastructure support and projects, applications support and projects, and consulting and business change. 6 A solid governance framework, based on partnering principles, was con- sidered essential to deal effectively with the multitude of contracts. The gover- nance structure is outlined in Exhibit 11-2. The example illustrates the need for setting up a specific project to design and implement a governance framework. EPG Governance for IT Projects COBIT, ITIL, ISO, and Other Standards Projects: Development and Application Exhibit 11-2. EPG and IT: A Special Case American Management Association