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Organizational Change > Special Approaches for Managing Change - Pg. 195

EPG for Different Types of Projects 195 Inadequate Communication. Shoddy communication is the root evil for most organizations' ills, particularly for change management ini- tiatives. A lack of persistence, overoptimism, and inadequate com- munication outside the change program team are common causes for program breakdown. Successful change depends in part on a finely tuned communications project supporting the program. Inadequate Metrics. As in any program, metrics are required to mea- sure progress. This requires planting milestones along the way and firmly fixing the finish line. Problems related to metrics include a poor tie of the program to business results, measuring only time elapsed as opposed to actual progress, and using insignificant measurements like the volume of participants in training courses. Inadequate Program Organization. It takes a project management logic and team approach to conduct successful change programs. When that isn't the case, challenges arise. Some typical problems are poor leader-