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11 Creating Trust in an Insecure, Suspic... > How Do You Build Trust? - Pg. 54

54 T HE H OW T O ' S · The process of getting what they want--of achieving a satisfying outcome--was painless. · You kept the performance promises you made--if you said you'd call by the end of the day, you did. · You treated them ethically; no bait and switch, no sneaky behavior. · You acknowledged their unique wishes, if there were any. · Their best interests were placed ahead of the com- pany's convenience. Example It's 3 P . M . Friday afternoon. Mrs. Impulsive calls your travel agency. She just has to be in San Francisco by noon tomorrow. You warn her it could be expensive, but you'll do your best. An hour later you have a nonrefundable, coach class, excur-