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25 Responding Positively to Negative Feedback > Take It Offline - Pg. 137

Responding Positively to Negative Feedback 137 · Above all, never, ever lose your head. The moment you go ballistic or start hurling insults, you've lost the battle. When possible, take at least 30 minutes after receiving nega- tive feedback to respond to the customer. Remember to stay calm, focus on the customer and listen, listen, listen. The cus- tomer is likely to have some truth in what she is saying. Take It Offline Eric Groves, Sr. Vice President Global Market Development for Constant Contact, posted an interesting blog (August 2010) about public vs. private responses. It garnered many a comment. He says: "Every business loves social media marketing when customers are raving about them in Facebook status updates and tweets, but what happens when there's