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37 Keep It Professional > Involvement Varies - Pg. 206

206 K NOCK Y OUR S OCKS O FF S ERVICE F ITNESS : T AKING C ARE OF Y OU one particular customer, especially if there are other customers nearby waiting and watching. Remember that a Moment of Truth for you and your busi- ness involves any time your customer has an opportunity to ob- serve what you do and make a judgment on the quality involved. The best rule of thumb is to "keep it professional" at all times. Involvement Varies The difference between friendly and friendship and the dif- ference between empathy and sympathy are related. When your friends experience pain or joy, you share those feelings with them. In that context, you sympathize as part of your friendship. When friends are in trouble, you may even offer advice. But it is not your role to fix everything for them. When customers are upset, they expect you to care, too. But they also expect you to do something else that has nothing to do with a personal relationship: fix their problem and make things