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7 Knock Your Socks Off Service Is: Respo... > Setting--and Meeting--Deadlines - Pg. 33

Knock Your Socks Off Service Is: Responsive 33 four-hour automated banking services. At the same time, a growing number of traditional manufacturing companies are practicing Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management, ordering things to arrive just in time. Sometimes "just in the nick of time." Companies that cater to time-conscious customers are everywhere you look. With software programs that now contin- uously search the Internet for mentions of a company, service providers can respond to a post or Tweet practically before the customer's fingers leave his or her keyboard. And their success affects your customers' expectations of your willingness and ability to do the same. Small wonder that your customers may be demanding tighter deadlines and faster service than ever before. When they see others promising--and delivering--fast, fast, fast, they expect the same from you. Setting--and Meeting--Deadlines