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Part One: The Fundamental Principles of ... > 1 The Only Unbreakable Rule: To the ... - Pg. 3

1 The Only Unbreakable Rule: To the Customer, You Are the Company "Customer relations is an integral part of your job--not an extension of it." --William B. Martin Quality Customer Service Customers don't distinguish between you and the organiza- tion you work for. Nor should they. To your customer's way of thinking, you are the company. Customers don't know how things get done behind doors or from the ends of the fingers that send company Tweets, Facebook posts, or e-mails. They don't know your areas of re- sponsibility, your job description, or what you personally can and cannot do for them. And they don't care. To customers, those things are your business, not theirs. Their attitude and focus is clear and straightforward: "Help me with this purchase, please." "Serve me my meal." American Management Association