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Chapter 14 Phases 2­4: The Staple Yourse... > Assembling the AS IS Process and RAC... - Pg. 171

Phases 2­4: The Staple Yourself Interview and SCOR Level 3 Process Diagram 171 Assembling the AS IS Process and RACI Diagrams Coming off an intense on-site visit (assuming use of the recom- mended option one as described at the beginning of this chapter), the design team is armed with a packet of interview summaries cov- ering more than 40 SCOR Level 3 process elements. Team members have discovered unwritten rules, policy shortcuts, work-arounds, and a real-time validation of how silo mentality is destroying pro- ductivity; they may have even learned a few words from the host country. Now they're ready to start assembling the picture of how their supply chain processes function (or not) in the current state. Process mapping is not a new technique for analyzing operational efficiency. Its effectiveness rests in the ability to pictorially portray how seemingly disparate processes are connected, to illustrate the essential information needed to drive the work, and ultimately to