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Chapter 17 Phase 4: Configure, Solution ... > Pilot One, Refine, and Pilot Two - Pg. 223

Phase 4: Configure, Solution Test, Pilot, Refine, and Roll Out 223 Pilot One, Refine, and Pilot Two With the testing and business acceptance complete, the next step is to pilot. The first step in a solution pilot involves selecting a very small scope on which to run the solution. Examples of a small scope could be one resource (production line) of one plant; one product to one customer; one product from one supplier; or one product family in one business. Next, the team needs to operate the process for at least four weeks; this ensures that the process is tested across a month-end reporting sequence. The third step is for the team to meet formally and conduct a detailed review of the SCOR Level 4 processes-- assessing whether the process step was effective and if any changes need to be made to policy, process, system, RACI, etc. Last, a pro- posed change list is presented to the steering team and, as approved, is incorporated as refinements into the next pilot cycle. In pilot two, the scope is expanded as appropriate, the processes are operated for another four weeks, and the review and refinement