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Finding the Tipping Point for Change > Finding the Tipping Point for Change - Pg. 18

18 Supply Chain Excellence and a whole lot of operating pain at the global level. His efforts had been encouraged by his boss, the division president, who had brought the concept of more integrated global supply chain im- provement to the attention of other executives in the company. His last comment in most conversations on the subject went something like, ``Not all of the company is on an SAP platform and most of the regions outside North America are not figuring out how to im- prove.'' They had become a self-selected ``gang'' whose common feeling was that although David's ideas would solve some short-term issues, there had to be a way to solve the company's global supply chain problems to move as one at a more strategic level. Figure 2-1 is Fowlers' current organizational chart. We began the formal meeting in the company's boardroom, with several executives present and a few others in teleconference from around the world. It didn't take much prodding to get this gang to