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The Business Context Summary > The Business Context Summary - Pg. 38

38 Supply Chain Excellence make it easy, start with a checklist of information that needs to be reviewed and summarized to gain a full understanding of (and ap- preciation for) the business context for supply chain improvement. This information sets the strategic backdrop for supply chain focus and ultimate project scope. Just as important, though, are the soft benefits of working through the checklist. Involving the business leaders in this process allows them to help set the agenda for the company's supply chain. Getting these important people engaged in the earliest stages of a project has untold value in the change management challenge that all companies face. Understanding their problems, asking for their point of view, and ac- knowledging their good work goes a long way toward positioning the supply chain as ``our thing'' versus ``a corporate thing.'' Assembling the business context summary involves several tech- niques, including interviewing key stakeholders; scouring the com- pany's Web site and 10K earnings reports; reviewing existing business