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Chapter 5 Phase 2: Data, Benchmarks, and... > May 2 and 9: Putting Performance in ... - Pg. 73

C H A P T E R 5 Phase 2: Data, Benchmarks, and Competitive Requirements > May 2 and 9: Putting Performance in Perspective The objectives for these sessions are to review the work in progress from the data collection for each metric, review the industry com- parison, prepare the SCORmark submission, set competitive re- quirements, and begin to think about the defect analysis. In terms of file mechanics, the project leader organized a simple file-management plan. First, he set up a global storage folder named ``SCEProject.'' Inside the folder were four subfolders: Presentations (from the coach), Templates (also from the coach), Deliverables, and Refer- ence (SCOR 10.0 from the Supply Chain Council). Inside of the deliverables folder, the coach recommended the following file- naming convention: phase number.deliverable For ex- ample, the supply chain definition matrix was labeled 1.supplychain- definitionmatrix.022411. Each time a team member needed to revise the file, he or she would change the date. Inside the deliverables folder, the project leader had set up another called archive to store older versions. For the web conference, each file owner downloaded a copy of 73 American Managememt Association ·