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The Project Opportunity Worksheet > The Project Opportunity Worksheet - Pg. 131

Phase 3: Opportunity Analysis 131 6 Principle Six. Identify what type of savings this project will have: revenue growth, cost reduction, productivity improvement, or cost avoidance. The Project Opportunity Worksheet Each project requires some form of a spreadsheet (Table 10-1). The first section--project phrase, project number, and project description--is taken from the preliminary project portfolio. The first column is taken from the revenue, cost of goods sold, and supply chain man- agement cost metrics. The columns under 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 are where the team needs to enter estimated savings recorded as a negative number for costs and a positive number for revenue. The bottom line--operating income/economic value added impact-- simply adds the absolute value of total cost of sales benefits to total supply chain management cost benefits. The most frequent question