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The Active Executive Sponsor > Educate-for-Support Behaviors of the Active Exec... - Pg. 27

Phase 0: Build Organizational Support for Supply Chain Improvement 27 and lengthens timeframes. The nature of a project life cycle demands different behaviors at different times from the active executive spon- sor. In all cases, the sponsor will be better served by MF behaviors. Educate-for-Support Behaviors of the Active Executive Sponsor MF executives can look at their organizations from a process per- spective as opposed to seeing them as a collection of individuals grouped by a functional silo. They have experienced the power of process improvement and understand key roles in process manage- ment. MF executives have invested personal time learning about the strategic value of supply chain in their respective marketplace. That's why they are comfortable learning new things in a public forum regardless of rank--sometimes setting the capacity for change of the entire organization. MF executives accelerate the educate-for-support step of a proj-