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Appendix: Quick Hit I-Presence Tips > 6. Presence Considerations for Young Prof... - Pg. 223

APPENDIX: QUICK HIT I-PRESENCE TIPS 223 Resist the urge to put on the hard sell in an effort to overcom- pensate. Listen more than you talk. Acknowledge the concerns an interviewer may have about accepting you in this new role. Then show how you plan to overcome any obstacles the interviewer has described. Part 3: Inspirational Energy goes a long way. When you tackle a new challenge you bring enthusiasm buttressed by a fresh perspective. Share your vision for what's possible for you in this new career. Don't be reticent. Be candid, and go as big as you can. Make compelling declarations about what you will do. Don't be hesitant. You have an interesting take on your new career simply because you come at it from a unique angle. Use this to your advantage. Be a thought-leader in the industry. Get involved in professional associa- tions and peer groups. Create shining moments by being interesting.